We Are Like a Journey Through the Bridge to
Self - knowledge
is always a path into the unknown..
That will lead you through this hard path.
But this is an experience that you have to go
through to become a better version of yourself.
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Who We Are and How We Work

10/03/2022 by admin

What We Do and Why We Do It

At our practice we conduct psychoanalytic psychotherapy. In very simple terms what that means is we offer what is called ‘talk therapy’ based on the theories and techniques first described by Dr Sigmund Freud. It sounds very old-school and old-fashioned, but it turns out that it really is the most effective therapy. It makes you aware of your thoughts and feelings, and this awareness allows you to make better decisions and change your behaviors.

At Therabridge our clinicians have undergone extensive training in psychodynamic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, which means we have either been through this kind of deep work, or are in the process of this kind of training. Having been in the same position as you means that we too have experience what is means to be in treatment .

photo by Angy Limare. Unsplash

Expectations in Therapy

Why You Are Here

Most often, people come to us when they are feeling stuck in life. This feeling could be from any number of things: not being able to start or keep intimate relationships; repetitive bad thoughts about oneself; not advancing at work; having the same fight over and over with a life-partner or family member; just feeling like something isn’t right and not knowing how to fix it.

And sometimes people have already tried other kinds of therapy and therapists.

Is Change Possible?

If you’re experiencing discomfort, or if you notice you're unable to break out of dysfunctional behavior patterns, these are examples of inner conflicts whose roots often go much deeper than your awareness. We are here to help you understand where it comes from. What we can do is work together in a safe environment to talk through these previously unexplored parts of your inner life (thoughts, feelings, dreams, wishes, memories) so that you become aware of them. This self-awareness will help you make effective decisions without being held back in the previously-established, unhelpful ways.

How Does It Work?

Multiple studies have found that psychoanalysis or even psychodynamic therapy is more beneficial in the long run than medication, and it changes the way your brain functions. Which means that there is real, long-term change to the way you think and behave. Once you begin treatment with your therapist, you will uncovers parts of yourself you did not know existed before. And this may bring up many reactions; which need to be worked through in a steady and regular way.

I Know My Mind. Why do I need you?

The interesting thing about our minds is that a lot of how it works is hidden from ourselves. This isn’t always a bad thing. If we could remember every single thing that happened to us, or were hyperaware of every thought that came before every action, we would not be able to live our lives. This is why you need a trained therapist to help you understand the parts of you that are hidden.